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By justanact51, Mar 8 2015 08:40PM

Since December 2014 I have been looking for a new studio, as our old studio building is up for demolition! I finally found a new one and moved in two weeks ago. All very exciting now! There is less space for me in the new studio, but the people I am sharing with are very nice, serious, hard working artists and famous ones! I am hoping they will all come to visit our Open House in May. I had a very busy summer in 2014, painting from 9am till 9pm in my studio. Have done quite a few “still life” paintings last summer, which will be displayed in our Open House exhibition this May. I will be working 9am till 9pm again in my new studio from Monday the 9th of March, and I hope to display my painting at our Open House exhibition. We had our first meeting this Saturday the 7th of March, when we discussed the private view, food, drinks, making the garden look gorgeous, as usual, and many more things. Anne made us beautiful butterscotch banana bread that we will serve at our private view. All very excited now; the new studio and the Open House exhibition in May 2015.

Aref Makooi

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