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Getting in the way - Anne Dennington

By justanact51, Apr 19 2015 06:26PM

It has been sunny in Brighton so, it has been great to see people out and about exposing their limbs in T-shirts and shorts and summery frocks. Relieved no doubt, not to be wearing their winter clothes. But we have also had some dramatic sea mists recently on the seafront. One afternoon, the pier looked like it was something out of the Arabian Nights, magically floating in the air emerging out of a cloud.

Some kids are funny. They see me sitting on my stool painting and they sprint past me apologising ‘Sorry for getting in the way of your picture!’ As they seem to think that what I am doing is like taking a photograph, how sweet :-)

Apr 23 2015 08:59PM by JGB

Wish I could be seeing those seas....hope watercolours appearing as planned on your paper...

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