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Frames, Mounts and Finishing Touches - Aref Makooi

By justanact51, Apr 6 2015 04:00AM

Less than four weeks to the Open House and there is still a lot to do, but all very exciting!

I have been shopping everywhere for frames, online and in shops. Spending hours with a tape measure walking around stores, which made a few shoppers and shop assistance uncomfortable! People don’t really buy a painting for its frame. Everyone has a different tastes about framing. I think frames for my paintings must be neutral, but still have to have something to make the painting look visually better. I am still juggling with black or white frames. Although I have decided that I don’t want to have glass on the frames. The glass blocks the colours and reflects background light, which means that you really can’t see the painting properly. Frame shopping is almost done and I am on time, but it is the weight of them, while carrying them on public transport that has been a struggle.

Then there is the task of mounting each differently sized painting. But what colour mount? I will probably go for black mounts, as the paintings have very bright colours, almost luminous. They have very bright colours that I love, though a fellow exhibitor once said:

"Your paintings will give me headache if I look at them for long."

And another exhibitor said in response:

"Well, you might have a pack of ibuprofen handy!"

There are also a lot of finishing touches, such as spray fixing the paintings to be done. Not to mention finally the wrapping and packing for delivery to 31Art, for our exhibition.

The weird thing is that when you paint, you don’t think of the frame or mounting. But when it comes to exhibit, it becomes the main issue. Despite all the rush and hassle, I am excited and we all are doing our best to create a very special exhibition, and I hope to see you there.

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