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Found on the number 12 bus - A heart-warming tale about the kindness of strangers - Anne Dennington

By justanact51, May 15 2015 05:38PM

Andy Johnson, one Sunday evening, got off the number 12 bus in Kemp Town, Brighton, and left a folder of his lovely artwork on the bus! He was rather distracted at the time, and that made him absent minded. He was coming to see me, but also was delivering his work to be part of the Artist Open Houses in Brighton for a deadline of the following Saturday.

A kind passenger on that same bus, David Dalziel, discovered the art, and started a search to find its owner. He tried to trace the artist on Facebook. Posting a picture of a painting of Newhaven from the Downs. The Facebook page was shared nearly 4,000 times as people across Sussex tried to track down this mystery artist!

Unfortunately Andy was not on Facebook, but luckily David also contacted the bus lost property office, the police, and was also interviewed by the Argus newspaper who ran the story trying to find this mystery artist. There was a happy ending, as a week later Andy got reunited with his art, and met David (because we had contacted the bus company and the police) Unfortunately this was after the deadline for the Artist Open House he planned to exhibit in, and they had already hung up their paintings.

Now 31Art has come to his rescue! In the last two weeks of Artists Open Houses (16th - 17th May and 23rd -24th May) Andy is going to exhibit his beautiful paintings with us. What a story!

We can’t thank David Dalziel, the art work saviour enough, not forgetting the bus lost property office, the Argus, and the Police.

Come and see Andy’s lovely paintings at 31Art!

Here is the first Argus article and the second Argus article.

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