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Anne Dennington - 'En plain air' tasks

By justanact51, Mar 19 2015 10:37AM

March is my favourite time of year to paint. As evenings and mornings are becoming lighter. And I still have Kemp Town seafront ‘almost’ to myself, before the tourists hit Brighton in the better weather. I don’t feel such a ‘Wally’ sitting outside painting in chilly weather, as joggers and runners are out there too. They have been practicing throughout the winter for their Marathons etc. Seeing them encourages me to ‘turn up’ and get outside like them.Today I put myself in the spotlight by starting work mapping out the drawing for a watercolour of Brighton Pier. I felt like a contestant from the BBC’s ‘The Big Painting Challenge’ on one of their ‘En plein air‘ tasks! I’m standing up to depict this view of the pier, and as soon as I put pencil to paper a couple of people came by and took photos of the same view! I take that as a good omen that I have chosen the right composition but the pier it is not an easy subject. Here’s hoping I pull it off.

Come and see our Open House and see if I do!

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